Professional Website Design

What is your website's job? Does your website exist to increase sales, sign up more members, make people call you on the telephone, or simply to inform your audience about important news and events? Your website design includes the look and feel of your site, the navigation structure that gives visitors access to the products or information they are seeking, and mechanisms for people to take action. Here are three website design samples that will help you understand how many facets are involved in a thorough website design.

Website Evolution

Step One

As a company grows so must its marketing and website. In 2010 Abbey Spring’s site needed a makeover and a marketing upgrade. Initially, DeepSky Marketing developed the “Before You Buy Your Water Dispenser” informational booklet as a free booklet to help Abbey Spring develop a database to keep in touch with people who are interested in water filtration systems.

Abbey Spring OLD


Step Two

In 2011 we modernized the look of the entire site so it would be more inviting to potential buyers at first glance and throughout their user experience. At the same time we made the messaging reflect two simple choices: “buy now” or “need more information.” 

Abbey Spring #2


Step Three

In 2012 Abbey Spring became a GSA contractor and took on the Brita Hydration Station as product-line to sell. The picture below shows the upcoming website design changes for Abbey Spring. This evolution is designed to give simple and clear direction to the different types of people who visit their site on a daily basis.

Abbey Spring 3

View Abbey Spring here.


Ending Comments

The goal of most business websites is marketing and sales. SEO and Social Media will bring people to your site, but then what? Once you have them there you need to greet potential customers with words and pictures that confirm they have arrived at a place they want to be. You then need to do two things: 1) give the people who want to buy from you immediately simple steps so they can do so 2) give those who are not yet ready to buy information that is valuable enough for them to provide you with their contact information so you can keep in touch until they are ready to purchase.


Free Consultation

If you are planning to revamp your existing website, or step into a brand new website development project, DeepSky Marketing can help you design a site that will help you increase the sales and profitability of your company. Call DeepSky Marketing for a free consultation to evaluate your company’s website today.