Analytics and Reporting

Have you heard the business axiom: What can be measured can be improved? It’s true — but let’s take that one step further. If it’s a big hassle to get the numbers you need to measure your marketing (or any other business process), you won’t do it as often, and your business will suffer. You need information that’s easy to get at, you need the right amount of information, and you need it displayed in a way that’s easy to understand.

Here’s a sample of information that will make your business decisionmaking dramatically better, if you are not acquiring this data already. This graphic gives you a cost comparison across five different marketing activities. The most relevant columns to compare are cost to create lead and cost to close customer. With this information, you can’t help but make better business decisions.

Web Analytics Santa Rosa

Web-enabled technologies can help you set up a system to give you easy access to this sort of information. When you make this procedure simple and routine you add tremendous value to your business.

If you are planning an Internet marketing campaign, DeepSky Marketing can help you design a system that will give you the information you need to make excellent business decisions. Call DeepSky Marketing for a free consultation to evaluate your analytics and reporting today.