Social Media 

At first social media seems like a hassle, and it is until you learn how to use this powerful tool correctly. Then, when you see what this instrument allows you to do — that you can target your most ideal clients and customers — you start to have a different orientation and opinion.

All of a sudden the reasons why you would spend 30 minutes a day become clear; this is no longer a waste of time. You are building relationships and your business at the same time. Below is a two  minute overview of how social media can help just about anybody market products and services with this powerful platform.

Pinpoint targeting 

Take a moment and think of three companies or people you'd like to do business with. The odds are they are on social media and you can start liking, commenting and sharing with them in seconds. Take another moment and see the power in this. What better way for you to become known to targeted strangers in your business?  

Keep it social 

Especially in service businesses where relationship is everything and selling too fast can turn people off, you need to keep things social, relational and helpful at the start. You need to pay it forward, get to know the people you are targeting and let them get to know you. Remember, the first word in social media is "social."

The right message 

When the right people see the right message magic happens and people are inspired to interact by liking, commenting and sharing your material. This could be the start of "going viral" where your message is shared with a large part of your niche. It starts with quality messaging that hits the right people in the right places


Your blog is the mooring of your social media. In addition to liking, commenting and sharing with others you'll need to create a space that effectively communicates your brand, what you are all about. This is your Blog. It must be a place where you talk about things that matter to your target group, and you must say it well! 

Social networks are one way for people of like mind to talk with each other. When you find your "tribe" on social media it can be a powerful experience for you and your business. Good luck! 

If you are planning an Internet marketing campaign, DeepSky Marketing can help you understand how to create a social media strategy that will help. Call DeepSky Marketing to evaluate your company’s social media strategy today.