Emotional Connection

Every human being has two areas of great need: 

1) The need for connection, love, trust, community, companionship, empathy, respect, appreciation, inclusion, consistency, cooperation and safety.

2) The need to be uniquely ourselves with autonomy, choice, boundaries, self respect, independence, self expression, authenticity, spontaneity and joy.

For optimal life experience these two areas must be balanced and this is what life coaching with Jeffrey Schmidt can help you achieve.

Oddly enough, one of the obstacles to "achieving" balance is grasping for it, trying too hard, and otherwise thinking that getting somewhere other than where you are at right now is going to be somehow better. Working with this Zen-like paradox is a fundamental aspect of life coaching.

Human Interaction

Every human interaction is either graced with trust and a corresponding level of safety and connection or it is hampered by some level of distrust. The former feels wonderfully delicious, the latter leads to problems. Life coaching can help you navigate these waters.

We live in an interdependent world. The relationship we have with our inner selves is dependent upon the relationships we have with others and vice versa — which is another way of saying we require balance in our lives. 

Personal growth is your key to unlock these doors. Life coaching can help you fashion a key that works.

Life Coaching is an added service of DeepSky Marketing because if you want to grow your business personal develpment is a must. Call Jeffrey Schmidt today for a free interview.