Sales Round Table

The intent of executive coaching is to raise the level of play throughout your organization. This starts with you.

A sales round table is a great tool. Your people are taking cues from you in so many ways it is impossible to innumerate, here are just a few

  • how you respond to situations (especially stressful ones)
  • how you follow through
  • do you show up on time
  • are you approachable
  • do you hold yourself and others accountable
  • do you create and maintain a safe atmosphere. 

Mirror Neurons
Neuroscientists tell us that mirror neurons allow us to feel what others are feeling just by looking at them or being in close proximity. This means leaders carry the responsibility to set a tone that lifts people, and the entire organization, upward.

Your subtle signals are picked up and emulated by your team. This is the essence of leadership. The inescapable conclusion is that your personal growth, abilities and maturity are tied to your company's success.

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