GREEN Systems

Business Systems Operate Inside Natural Systems

When you think about going GREEN in your business, keep in mind that the business and marketing systems that will benefit your bottom line operate within well-established natural systems. We’ve taken these natural systems for granted far too long.

Let’s take one example: bluefin tuna. Bluefin tuna has been a staple of nourishment for people all over the world. It was unimaginable not long ago that the bluefin’s existence as a species would be threatened, but like the North American buffalo and carrier pigeon before, populations of bluefin tuna are plummeting. Wikipedia reports that from 1976 to 2006 world stocks of bluefin tuna fell by 90%. This drop is due mainly to overfishing, but degradation of our oceans is another key ingredient.

Paul Hawken notes that every natural system is in decline. As worldwide population continues to increase, it’s not hard to figure out that ignoring or working against natural systems, of which we are part and upon which we depend for our existence, is a bad idea.

Only by working within and with natural systems can we possibly hope to avoid a supply and demand crash of monumental magnitude. We can start by recognizing that we are part of a much larger system — and that the more we promote the health of that system, the more we promote our own health and well-being.

Over the past two decades, the founders of DeepSky Marketing have been committed to ecologically sustainable business plans and procedures.

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