Business Coaching

If you are in startup mode

Even start-ups and solo-preneurs need systems in place that provide information and feedback for business decision-making. Even if you are just starting up you'll need to receive production, accounting and marketing information in a systematic way. As you grow your initial systems can be refined. If you are in just starting up start imagining the type of systems you'll need for success. 

When you are in growth mode

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a rock-star salesperson on your staff. Or maybe you are the main rainmaker for your company. In either case, to keep growing you’ll need to systematize and formalize your marketing procedures so that others can benefit from the expertise of leaders. As you grow your production and accounting procedures will need to grow with you. You'll need systems in place to track your steps so you can get smarter over time as you compete in the marketplace.

When you are entering maturity

Many companies get to maturity by having a systematic approach for each phase of their business. This is step one. Step two is cross-connecting each silo in your business with the others. Your customers will know this has happened when they hear the same message and get similar nonverbal cues from sales, customer service and technical support staff. This builds lasting relationships by making prospects and customers feel safe about the company they are dealing with. 

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