Do you need a formal marketing system?

If you are in startup mode

When you’re starting you probably don’t need a formal marketing system. Keep in mind that if you want to grow your company past the mom-and-pop level, you’ll want to systematize your marketing, just as you would a manufacturing process, to get consistent and predictable results. As you create marketing techniques that work, flag them, so that later you can come back and formalize the process into a complete system.

When you are in growth mode

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a rock-star salesperson on your staff. Or maybe you are the main rainmaker for your company. In either case, to keep growing you’ll need to systematize and formalize your marketing procedures, creating a closed-loop system to allow you to track each step of the process. This system will allow you to test and improve all aspects of your marketing so you can get smarter over time and be able to fend off competition in the marketplace.

When you are entering maturity

Most companies get to maturity by having a systematic approach to their marketing — and every other operational component of their business. If up to this point you have left your marketing to chance, or relied on powerful and charismatic individuals to “make rain,” you’ve put yourself in a vulnerable position. Systematize ASAP!

Web-enabled marketing and CRM applications make creating a closed-loop marketing and reporting system much easier than it used to be. Call DeepSky Marketing for a free consultation to evaluate your company’s marketing and sales system today.